Private Event

This service has benefited many foreign investors from around the world, as well as many investors in the US, especially those who live outside the state of Florida, and who were not in a position to invest in Miami, due to lack of information, limited knowledge, or simply because they could not identify the right real estate consultant to represent them.
Through these events, you can keep informed and aware of the opportunities that arise, on a timely basis. This way, you can be prepared ahead of time, and take quick action once investment opportunities become available in this market.

First: The primary purpose of these events is to inform, to save time, expenses and unexpected surprises to investors, because otherwise they must likely need to travel to the US to meet with several specialists, evaluate them, and then decide who will represent them in their investments.

Second: Timing is a critical element to success in real estate investments; it is extremely unlikely that the right investment(s) would be available at the same time an investor is traveling to Miami. Unless the investors’ travel coincides with the day or the week that the investment or project hits the market, they will miss the right time. Hence, in most cases, they would end up investing in something at an increased price, and would increase their risk and lower the return on investment.

Third: Undoubtedly, the most important factor is that the investor should be aware that choosing the right advisor to be your eyes and ears in the US / Florida markets, is even more important that any specific investment, project or business selection. The real estate professional should be able to inspire full confidence and demonstrate that he will meet and exceed your expectations. The advisor must have a track record in the market, and a flawless reputation for professionalism and service, supported by many years of experience in the US real estate markets.

Who qualifies for a private event?

Persons residing almost anywhere in the world, who can gather a group of at least 5-8 people (friends or partners), with the availability to invest together a minimum of US $3 Million, or approximately US $ 400K each.

Who should asses this proposal?

Serious investors, interested in investing in the USA, who recognize that currently, the Miami real-estate market offers foreigners investment opportunities not often seen and of historic proportions.

What is the methodology of these events?

Prospective investors will cover the travel and lodging costs for Mr. Rutois’ visit.
After the first investment is completed, you will be fully refunded the above costs.
Should Mr. Rutois be unavailable for your selected date, you will be contacted in advance and notified of the advisor that would substitute and host the event* At this time, you will be given an option to keep such date, or to change the event date.
* All our associates are directly trained by Mr. Rutois.

Event Details

Events are held face to face and typically held on Thursdays, for a total duration of two to three hours; if necessary, private meetings with Mr. Rutois can be scheduled for the following Friday and Saturday.
If you are willing to invest to get Mr. Rutois to your city, he is willing to invest two or three days to share his expertise with you and your group.

Why is Mr. Rutois willing to travel and spend three days with prospective investors?

Simply because up to know, 100% of his private presentations have resulted in achieving a perfect business. For Daniel, the perfect business is achieved when both parties benefit from a transaction with a higher return than those available in similar investment opportunities.
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Are you convinced? Your first step to an investment, is to talk personally with Mr. Rutois. Contact Us. We are here to assist you.

The same project, led by different real estate advisors,
does not yield the same return