The Rutois International Realty team, led by its founder Mr. Daniel Rutois, has become in recent years, the leader in sales of pre-construction projects. Representing the best developers in the country, with more units sold in projects, that they accept to represent after a thorough analysis.

In the last 18 months, in only 3 projects, Mr. Rutois has individually sold over US $ 60,000.000.00 this significant amount, does not includes sales made by his associates.

As you can see from browsing this page, there are very few projects we have agreed to represent in the recent years; if your project or development is accepted, it will have the backing of a leading company with a representation like no other. This also adds the support of what today's media calls Mr. Daniel Rutois "the new Hispanic financial GURU of The United States".

He has spent 21 years in representing investors from all over the world; from 2001 he began to make financial predictions, and as of today you can corroborate in dozens of media, that he has been successful on each account which earned him the title of financial GURU.

What do you receive in exchange for choosing us?

Exclusivity for your development (we only represent one project at a time).
Your development will be supported by our company & reputation.
Exclusive domestic and international events
Access to our client’s VIP Investors base.
The best team of negotiators.
A defined sales process for our partners.
Marketing & PR strategies with amazing results.
Report weekly protocol, which includes a detailed breakdown of activities.
Exclusive presence in the best graphics & communications of Latin America & Europe.
Once project is sold, commitment extends to a waiting list of investors willing to discuss your next project or joint venture.

To summarize, we sell your project before any alleged competition; and most importantly, guarantee that the process will be simple, practical and even enjoyable.

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